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Progress Pathways Ltd has also set up a Domiciliary Support/Supported Living Service. The service is registered with the Care Quality Commission and is aimed at young people and adults with learning disabilities and associated behaviours which challenge. For those who are unaware, the Domiciliary Support and Supported Living Services (as identified by the local council) are set up to do slightly different things.

Domiciliary Support Services are traditionally identified as those services offering a more "hands on" approach to support eg personal hygiene support, cooking, cleaning etc. These are delivered within an individual's home.

The Supported Living Service is also about supporting people within their own homes, but, quite often, these could be service users living in their own rented property. Supported Living is less about the "hands on" aspects of a support role, and more about finding ways in which to support a service users to continue to live successfully in their own home, and as part of the local community eg support with shopping, budgeting, resolving issues with landlord and neighbours. Progress Pathways is able to offer either of these services, both for individuals living in their own homes, or adults living in the family home. Our highly trained staff will be able to work on at least a 1:1 basis with individuals who display behaviours which challenge, hopefully ensuring that they are able to continue living in their own homes, by developing the social, communication, daily living and coping skills to reduce the need for behaviours which challenge.

Again, we will be able to offer a flexible approach to individual needs, offering a diverse range of activities within an individual's home, as well as outdoor and social activities

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