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Mandalay and The Shieling

We are happy to meet with you and discuss potential referrals to the service and their care needs. We will also conduct a pre-admission assessment at no cost, to ensure the best match between what the individual wants and what we can provide.

Our fees are based on assessed need. we anticipate that most of the people using our service will need a fairly high level of support and at least some 1:1 support from staff during the day.

We are confident that our transparent processes and open dialogue with all stakeholders will enable us to clearly demonstrate achievement of all identified outcomes agreed at point of admission.

Own Home Support/Supported Living

Our supported living fees are calculated on a hourly rate per hour per staff member, based on assessed need. This will include transport costs, day/night/weekend allowances, training and leave costs. This means that service users and commissioners can work on one costing, knowing that there will be no additional costs on receipt of our invoice. Again, we will be happy to conduct a pre-admission  assessment and discuss with the individual, families and commissioners as to what is required and what is appropriate. Our aim would be to provide a consistent staff member to a particular individual to be able to provide consistency and to enable a meaningful, therapeutic relationship to develop between the individual and the person supporting them.

Record Keeping

Our staff will maintain a very high standard of record keeping and comunication so that we have a clear evidence base of what we are delivering, as well as ensuring quality and consistency.