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As part of our services, we support people with a wide range of activities. Our belief is that there is a sense of independence, self esteem and well-being that comes from engaging in a variety of activities that also enable people to enhance their social, communication and daily living skills.

Activities are offered in individualised ways. The people using our service have the opportunity to go out as individuals every day with 1:1 support, if they choose. The people living at our services also can choose to go out in small groups (eg to the pub at the weekend) but with high staffing levels, two vehicles and public transport right outside the door, there is no need or expectation that our service users have to go out as part of larger groups to access the community.

We try to structure people's days. (If you think about it our own days tend to have some sort of structure with work, hobbies, errands etc). However, we ensure that that structure is offered in person centred and different ways, using a variety of communication tools, in the best way that works for each individual.

We support people to attend college and work placements where appropriate. Some may also have established programmes of activity with local Day Services, which we can also continue to support people to attend. However, we also have the resources to offer community based activities for service users whose needs have historically been too complex for these services and who currently have no established Day Service provision.

People using our service will be able to engage in activities within their home, too. Our large back gardens at Mandalay and The Shieling were one of our first projects, with staff and service users planning the layout and planting the gardens as they would like. People living at Mandalay and The Shieling are also supported to do all the things that everyone does in terms of upkeep of their own homes, eg cleaning their rooms, helping with shopping, meal preparation, menu planning, washing and working with staff to direct their care in as person centred a way as they are able. Leisure activities involve computer skills, music, games and puzzles and anything else of interest to individuals. Outdoor leisure activities will involve anything that the individuals living in our services would like to do: walks, the cinema, meals out, trips out to places of local interest, shopping and many other activities too numerous to mention!